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>FREE< Stand Up Virgin Soldiers pdf, epub, mobi
>FREE< Stand Up Virgin Soldiers pdf, epub, mobi

Leslie Thomas,: Stand Up Virgin Soldiers

Stand Up Virgin Soldiers


The worst has happened. On the eve of their return to Blighty, Brigg and his fellow National Servicemen find themselves sentenced to another six months in Panglin Barracks...Many of the surviving characters from "The Virgin Soldiers" live again in these pages: dogged Tasker, the odious Sergeant Wellbeloved, the vulnerable Colonel Bromley Pickering, and the comically touching Juicy Lucy. But, we encounter new characters too: the fanatical and demented Lieutenant Grainger; the endearing Welshman, Morris Morris - strong as a horse but bafflingly buxom; US Private Clay - mysteriously lost in transit by the American Army; and last, but not least, Bernice Harrison, the sporting nurse who threatens to replace the wayward Lucy in Brigg's affections...

• Production art and stills take you on a tour through the inspirations for Bright Falls and the horror that lurks within it. The inability of the Italians and Germans to invade Malta proved decisive for Allied victory in the Mediterranean during World War II, as the islands provided the Allies with a base from which to project air power. Early Italian efforts to pound the islands Stand Up Virgin Soldiers download PDF into submission were supplemented by major German forces from January 1942 and in a few weeks the situation for the defenders reached a critical stage; in response, in March 1942 the first Spitfires were delivered to Malta. Throughout the summer C.202s fought over Malta, escorting tiny formations of Cant Z.1007s, SM.79s and Ju 88s. The fighting subsided in August and September, but grew in strength with the arrival of more C.202s. In October the Regia Aeronautica could muster three Gruppi with a total of 74 C.202s. For ten days the Italians pressed a relentless attack before attrition brought the offensive to a halt. Throughout the bombing campaign the British were able to supply Malta with ever increasing numbers of Spitfires.

Author: Leslie Thomas,
Number of Pages: 352 pages
Published Date: 27 Dec 2005
Publisher: Cornerstone
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9780099490043
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